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יום א׳, 14 בינו׳


Zoom Meeting - no download required

AI Enhanced Profile Pics for VR

Not so great profile pic? Would you like to learn how we add a "WoW" factor to enhancing your existing profile in VR?

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AI Enhanced Profile Pics for VR
AI Enhanced Profile Pics for VR

זמן ומיקום

14 בינו׳ 2024, 15:00 – 16:00 GMT-5‎

Zoom Meeting - no download required

פרטי האירוע

You might have noticed that your current avatar profile picture is a bit, well, minimalist. Fear not, because we're about to change that with the magic of AI!  Our revamped Avatar Upgrade Service takes your existing profile picture or snaps a new one for you, and then adds a sprinkle of AI enchantment to create an amazing enhanced profile picture. It's like giving your avatar a digital makeover! ✨ 

But that's not all! With our AI-enhanced avatar, you can do so much more than just looking fabulous online. We offer the option to place your enhanced picture on real-life merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and wall art. Imagine sipping your morning coffee from a mug featuring your enhanced avatar, or proudly displaying it as wall art in your space!  

Plus, you can use your customized avatar to decorate your virtual home or enhance your inventory items. The possibilities are endless, and it's all thanks to the incredible world of AI design.  But wait, there's more! We not only sell AI designs but also offer studio appointments to bring your specific visions to life through AI while you wait! It's a creative experience like no other, and it's just one of the many ways we go beyond a simple profile picture.  Just think of the possibilities! ✨ 

Follow our website and blog for exciting updates, including announcements of meeting dates and times here, at our online studio. Join us on this journey of AI-driven creativity and let your imagination run wild!" 🚀🖼️👕🪄🗓️

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